Our Award Winning salons are situated in Leicester and Leicestershire. Our flagship salon is located in the vibrant Clarendon park area of leicester and our newest addition is in the popular historic market town of Ashby-De-La-Zouch.

our mission

To provide you with the ultimate customised, client focused experience.

our space

Meraki provides a warm, welcoming and judgment free zone for all of our guests.

our craft

Our collective of friendly stylists specialise in colour, cutting and textured hair amongst other bespoke services. We are trend aware and are able to adapt your vision to suit you. Healthy, happy and wearable hair is our priority.

Meraki provides clients with a creative and vibrant environment in which to relax, unwind and feel luxuriously pampered. The owner Jamie heads up the professional, artistic and friendly team whose expertise and skills will ensure you leave feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Meraki Hair Salon offers a variety of services including colour correction, balayage, blonding, creative colouring, tape extensions, finishing and bridal packages.


Balayage is a soft lightness added to the hair. It normally consists of lighter face framing pieces and keeping the root area natural or darker.

 Balayage creates texture, adds definition, is super low-maintenance and easy to look after.

backwards Balayage

This essentially is toning down previously lightened hair.

It adds more natural tones and creates a darker, rooty, more defined and textured finish. 

The overall look is glossy and low maintenance.

root Tap/Root Drag

A root tap/root drag is when we tap a darker colour at the root area after a blonding process. 

The tap is kept to the minimum and a drag is dragged down the hair. Blonde hair with a root tap/drag looks insane!

It makes the root area look fuller by adding some depth, blends the colour seamlessly and eliminates the lines that bleach work can leave as your colour grows out, creating longevity between appointments.


90% of our blondes require a Toner. When the bleaching process is finished, the result is the hairs natural underlying pigment which can range from red/orange to pale yellow.

Previously tinted hair is harder to lift therefore requires extra correctional work. The art is not only in the placement and application of colour, but also in the counteraction on tone after your bleach is washed off. 

We can counteract warmth, create beautiful hues and perfect your blondes by mixing colours to apply after the bleaching service. 


This is a traditional way of colouring. The result is a uniform finish, blonde from root to end.

Generally, a full head foils gives a natural, all over blonde look. Some clients want to have a half head between full head applications and some want to retain their natural colour underneath.

Global Bleach Application

A full head bleached look is used to create the brightest result, leaving no natural hair at all. The maintenance is high and roots need to maintained every 6 weeks. At home, aftercare with the correct products is essential. To achieve an even lift, the hair must be placed in a platinum card technique before applying the root area.

global bleach roots

A full head bleach root application can only be performed on a previous full head bleach service, with no more than 6 weeks regrowth. This is to avoid banding that can occur due to the heat from the head having an affect on the process.

global colour

Whether you want to cover greys, enhance your natural colour, refresh your old colour or add depth & tone, there are endless possibilities. A global colour is an application from the scalp down to the ends of the hair.

global colour roots

This service is to maintain previous global colours after the natural hair grows and leaves a difference in colour… Roots!

tape extensions

Tape extensions are a great way to add thickness and/or length. They are super simple to apply, low maintenance and cost effective. We require you to pop in for a free consultation before a quote can be given.

colour correction

Sometimes, during colour correction or full head bleach applications, we use different techniques to achieve an even lift. Occasionally, we need to slice every section of hair; this is called the platinum card technique. It gives us the control we need to lift the ends of the hair first as the root area will lift quicker due to the heat from your own head. We can also use a ‘Bleach bath’ to remove excess colour and tone. This is classed as a colour correction and requires an in salon consultation before an appointment can be booked.

So many factors play a part in determining the outcome including the most important factor…

The condition of your hair. 

For example, your hair may be extremely dry and won’t take the bleaching process. The integrity will always be our number one priority.

Some clients like to see a dramatic difference in colour and require a lot of lift or have previously coloured hair. We can’t always achieve the look in one sitting, sometimes at all.

This is why it is important to come and see us for a consultation beforehand, its not a ‘one application suits all’.

During our consultation we will take a look at your current hair, it’s condition and it’s history. Your stylist will discuss your options and the services required to achieve the desired look. We will also skin test you and take a strand test. 

These are required a minimum of 48 hours prior to any colour service.

If you would like to book a consultation, please contact us. We’d love to see you!

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